Os Simpsons vão ao Brasil

Os Simpsons vão ao Brasil


 Os simpsons vão ao Brasil 


Complete os espaços de acordo com o vídeo. 


Cena 1


Marge: Ahh.. look at all these stuffed coati-mondi...   

Lisa: I bet Maggie ________ like one!

Marge: Ah.. I'l just get this bracelet. 


Cena 2


Attendent: Man, ________ you be interested in changing your long distance service if...

Attendent:Ah.. What? She hung up on me.. what did I do? (cry)


Cena 3


Fernando: The orphanage was able to buy a door. 

Fernando: Now, the monkeys __________ bite me. Oh, ho..

Fernando: I'm like sugar to them. 


Cena 4 


Lifeguard: Excuse me, Americans!

Bart: Ah.. How did you know? (Try and stop us) 

Lifeguard: ________ a dress code on this beach, but we _______ help you!